The Problem

Amazon shipped approximately 7 billion packages in 2019, according to new accounts. That’s nearly one package for every person in the world. These packages often use plastic packaging that can end up in the oceans and devastate marine life.

Only 7% of all plastic produced to date has been recycled. The other 93% has been landfilled, burned or become pollution in the ocean and environment. Plastic is everywhere in our oceans, from the sea surface, to our beaches and coastline, to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench.

Sea turtles choke to death trying to eat plastic bags, wraps and coverings, mistaking such pollution for jellyfish. A recent study found that more than half of all sea turtles have already ingested plastic pollution.


What Amazon Should Do

Amazon can help by giving its customers a plastic-free packaging choice.

Right now, when an Amazon customer submits an order, they have no choice but to accept plastic packaging – plastics that could go on to pollute our oceans.

Public opinion research sponsored by Oceana shows Amazon customers in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada are overwhelmingly concerned about plastic pollution’s impact on the world’s oceans, and want major online retailers including Amazon to give them a plastic-free packaging choices. This concern and support were highest among Amazon’s best customers – Prime members and those who shop most often online.

Amazon’s packaging and materials lab have created lightweight plastic-free packaging, including a new mailer that the company reports have been used 100 million times. The company is known for its innovation in delivery technology and has made commitments to protect the environment, including a pledge to be zero carbon by 2040 and recently announced it eliminated non-recyclable plastic in packaging across its Fulfillment Centers in India.

Despite statements from CEO Jeff Bezos that Amazon is “obsessed” with meeting the needs and wants of its customers, the company has made no public commitment to reduce its use of plastic packaging.


Take Action

Amazon claims to be responsive to its customers. Oceana is calling on online shoppers and ocean activists like YOU to email Amazon’s customer support and ask for a plastic-free packaging choice at checkout. Amazon can help fight the ocean plastic pollution crisis by giving its customers a plastic-free packaging choice. Send an email today.

Email Amazon Support and tell them you want a plastic-free choice at checkout >>

Please submit this form to call Amazon customer service today and tell them you want a plastic-free choice at checkout to help fight the ocean plastic pollution crisis >>

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Want to do more?

Oceana is calling on online shoppers and ocean activists to ask Amazon for plastic-free options at checkout by adding their names to, a petition created by Oceana supporter Nicole Delma. More than 600,000 people have already added their name to the petition. 

Sign the petition at


Amazon pays attention to your social media posts!

Tell Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos that you want a plastic-free packaging choice by tagging them in your posts using their handle @amazon on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and @jeffbezos on Instagram and Twitter, #jeffbezos on Facebook.

If you’re an Amazon or Amazon Prime customer, please let them know!

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Our oceans are being flooded with plastic pollution. @Amazon and @JeffBezos, you can help be part of the solution by giving customers like me a plastic-free packaging choice! #PlasticFreeAmazon 

.@Amazon and @JeffBezos, I don’t want to pollute the planet and our oceans every time I place an order. Give me a plastic-free choice! #PlasticFreeAmazon

I’m an #AmazonPrime customer, and I want @Amazon to give me a plastic free choice! I should not be forced to potentially pollute the oceans every time I place an order. #PlasticFreeMeAmazon @JeffBezos