The Problem

Amazon has a plastic problem. In 2021, according to Oceana’s analysis, Amazon generated an estimated 709 million pounds of plastic packaging waste, a one-year increase of 18%, compared to Oceana’s 2020 estimate of 599 million pounds.

The company uses so much plastic packaging that it would circle the Earth more than 800 times in the form of plastic air pillows.

Oceana found, based on data from a peer-reviewed study on plastic waste pollution published in Science in 2020, that up to 26 million pounds of this plastic waste will end up in the world’s waterways and seas.


Plastic is a major source of pollution for the world’s oceans. Scientists now estimate 33 billion pounds of plastic wash into the ocean every year. Plastic packaging harms marine life and biodiversity when it enters the marine environment. Sea turtles and other animals mistake the kind of plastic used by Amazon – such as plastic bags – for food. Studies have estimated that individuals from 55% of seabird species, 70% of marine mammal species, and 100% of sea turtle species have ingested or become entangled in plastic.

What Amazon Should Do

It is clear that Amazon can solve its plastic problem. Yet, it is choosing not to make a company-wide commitment to do so, despite the severe cost of plastic pollution to our oceans and planet.

Amazon should listen to its customers and shareholders. It should: make a company-wide commitment to reduce its plastic packaging; publicly report on its plastic packaging footprint for all products sold through Amazon’s website; and report and take responsibility for the full climate impacts of all products sold and packaging use through Amazon’s website.


Take Action

Amazon claims to be responsive to its customers. Oceana is calling on online shoppers and ocean activists like YOU to help fight the ocean plastic pollution crisis by emailing Amazon’s customer support and asking the company to report on and reduce its global plastic packaging footprint. Send an email today.

Email CEO Andy Jassy and Amazon to ask the company to reduce its global plastic packaging footprint >>

Want to do more?

Oceana is calling on online shoppers and ocean activists to ask Amazon for plastic-free options at checkout by adding their names to, a petition created by Oceana supporter Nicole Delma. More than 770,000 people have already added their name to the petition. 

Sign the petition at


Amazon pays attention to your social media posts!

Tell Amazon and CEO Andy Jassy that you want the company to reduce its global plastic packaging footprint by tagging @amazon in your posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

If you’re an Amazon or Amazon Prime customer, please let them know!

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Sample Content

Our oceans are being flooded with plastic pollution. @Amazon and @AJassy, please reduce Amazon’s plastic packaging footprint! #PlasticFreeAmazon

.@Amazon and @AJassy, I don’t want to pollute the planet and our oceans every time I place an order. Please reduce your use of plastic packaging! #PlasticFreeAmazon

I’m an #AmazonPrime customer, and I want @Amazon to take action on plastic! I should not be forced to potentially pollute the oceans every time I place an order. #PlasticFreeAmazon @AJassy