The Problem

Mexico throws out hundreds of millions of plastic containers every year, and is the fourth largest marine polluter of PET bottles, behind China, the United States, and the European Union. Much of that plastic makes its way to our oceans, polluting beaches, harming habitat and marine life, and threatening entire food webs.

Only 5% of plastics in Mexico are recycled, and of those recycled plastics, 70% are processed thanks to the informal economy, that is, thanks to the thousands of informal jobs around Pepena.

The only way to combat plastic pollution is to reduce its production from its origin, that is, to avoid producing more non-essential single-use plastics, with intelligent packaging, packaging and bottling alternatives that are 100% reusable and effectively recyclable, and standardize criteria and procedures for plastic waste prevention, management and final disposal in the country.


What We Do

Oceana campaigns for national legislation to reduce ocean plastic pollution at its source.

At least 21 states have approved local legislation banning or reducing single-use plastics, focusing on plastic bags, polystyrene, PET bottles and a variety of disposable products. Such policies range from Mexico City banning plastic bags in almost every commercial or trade interaction, to reducing the use of polystyrene. But Mexico needs national-level legislation to address the ocean plastic pollution crisis.

Oceana, with our allies Greenpeace and Alianza México sin Plásticos, helped to introduce a bill to effectively reduce and ban single-use plastics nationally.

You can help protect our vibrant oceans and marine life from plastic pollution with Oceana right now.

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