single-use plastic bag floating in the ocean
Canada takes first step toward much-needed regulatory action to address plastic pollution

TORONTO — Environmental groups applaud Canada’s decision today to list “plastic manufactured items” on Schedule 1 under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) and urge the federal government to move quickly to finalize a meaningful ban on non-essential single-use plastics by the end of 2021. Today’s action gives the federal government the authority to regulate plastic products to […]

Amazon packaging
Shareholders and Investors Set to Vote on Amazon’s Other Looming Problem – Plastics

Amazon’s other big problem – its staggering plastic use – is set to feature at the company’s upcoming annual general meeting (AGM) later this month, when shareholders will be asked to vote on a resolution requiring the e-commerce giant to issue a report by year end quantifying its use of single-use plastics. Amazon’s plastic use […]

Design award receives 1,409 innovative projects

The global No Waste Challenge award received 1,409 innovative projects from all over the world, a record number among the editions of the challenge promoted by the global platform What Design Can Do, which this year received support from Oceana in Brazil. Of the total enrolled, 115 projects present solutions for the cities of Rio de […]