In a victory that could dramatically reduce ocean plastic pollution, The Coca-Cola Company committed to sell 25% of its products in reusable packaging by 2030 – up from an estimated current share of 16%. Refillable bottles are the primary form of reusable packaging that Coca-Cola uses, and they can be refilled and resold 30 to 50 times. This decision follows campaigning by Oceana and its allies and, if met, could take the equivalent of 1 billion single-use PET liter bottles out of the ocean every year. Coca-Cola, which sells one out of every five soft drinks globally, is the largest contributor to ocean plastic pollution by brand, according to a Break Free From Plastic report. An Oceana analysis found that just a 10% increase in the market share of refillable bottles in all coastal countries could keep up to 7.6 billion plastic bottles out of the ocean each year.